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Let C and M Residential Builders Help with your Dream Home Construction

Now is the time to turn your dream home into a reality with a little help from an experienced, reliable residential builder in your area.

Whether you’ve had your mind on a new garage or utility building to provide a quick boost to your property value or a brand new home to get your year off to a great start, depending on a great building contractor in Ithaca like C and M Residential Builders, is the best way to get a quality finished product. From rough iIthaca home builderdeas to completed designs, bringing your dream home to fruition is an exciting prospect for any homeowner, so don’t wait for the spring to get started! By working with a contractor in the winter, you’ll have the opportunity to thoroughly plan each detail of your new structure before the busy spring construction season. With a little help from your favorite Tompkins County home builders, your dream home will come to life without blowing your budget or your schedule. Among the nearly endless options for your new home, your choice of framing method can have one of the largest effects on your budget. Let’s take a closer look at two options for framing the perfect home for your family.

Traditional, stick-built homes provide you with the opportunity to create a wide variety of housing styles to perfectly match your needs in a residence.

Stick-built homes are the traditional favorite throughout the country thanks to their versatility and ease-of-use. For this type of design, the framing of your dream home will normally rest on concrete footings or a slab and allow for easy insulation and your choice of siding and finishes. Your Ithaca home builder will take your home design and build stud frames inside of which your electrical systems, water pipes and gas lines can be hidden from view. Stick-built homes allow for easy expansion if you decide on an addition in the future, so seamless integration of another bedroom or bathroom later on should be possible. With other innovative framing methods being adopted by home builders around the country, stick-built homes remain the standard and amongst the favorites of Ithaca home remodelers, but don’t forget to explore the options.

For a more affordable, quicker solution to your dream home, consider a contractor with experience in post-frame new home construction.

With roots in the agricultural sector, post-frame homes are increasingly popular amongst residehome builder in Tompkins Countyntial builders for their lower costs and unique design possibilities. Using large wooden posts driven into the ground for support, your new home will have the strength needed to stand strong through extreme weather conditions, and the unique support system opens the door for lower cost, quicker construction in most cases. Consult with an expert about the benefits of framing your dream home with a post-frame system, and you may be surprised with the versatile designs that are possible using the less costly alternative to stick-built homes. For more information, give your friends at C and M Residential Builders in Ithaca a call, and get your dream home on the path to becoming a reality today!