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New Home Construction Season Begins In Ithaca, NY

Springtime is the ideal season for new home construction in Ithaca.  Exceptional weather conditions allow for more resources and work opportunities for contractors.  Those New Home Builder in Ithacaconsidering additions, remodeling or building from the ground up can expect quicker turnaround times and better chances for uninterrupted progress.

The first step in beginning new home construction in Ithaca is finding the right home contractor.  Have a game-plan in mind when seeking out a contractor.  Whether you need post-frame new home construction or traditional stick built construction from foundation to finish, seek out the contractor that best suits your needs.  Make sure your home contractor is fully insured and can offer proof of insurance before building begins.

What To Expect During Construction

It’s the ideal season to build for timely construction, but be prepared for collaboration between your home building contractor in Ithaca and subcontractors for things like electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing and siding.  Some companies offer full construction capabilities or partial construction.

The major processes involved with new home construction include:

  • Foundation work:  Ground leveling, basement digging, and concrete pouring and curing are crucial elements to building the foundation of a new home.  Each area must be built with plumbing and electrical structures in mind.
  • Framing:  The skeletal structure of a home includes the walls, roof, windows and doors.  It is best to talk with your contractor before your project begins about energy efficiency options that are within your budget.  Spending a little extra on high-end features like double-paned windows and reinforced doorways will save more money in the long run, and will keep a new home looking great for years to come.  Go over options for insulation with the same mindset.
  • Additional work and subcontracting:  Put careful consideration into roofing and siding.  If your Ithaca home has a lot of overhanging branches, be sure to install quality gutters and sturdy tiles that can be easily managed.  The same consideration should go into choosing siding, paint and exterior features so that your home meets your aesthetic and functional needs simultaneously.  Expect to relay your plans to electrical, plumbing and flooring contractors and subcontractors.
  • Remember:  You may change your mind and decide to make upgrades before or during construction, so always follow up with your contractor and get input to them iIthaca Home Builder , Bathroom Remodelr in Ithacan a timely manner.  Try not to drop in unannounced at a work site, however.  It could impede the construction process.  It is best to communicate as much as you can with your contractor before new home construction begins.

Know Your Builders

Home builders in Ithaca need look no further than C & M Residential Builders for all of their new home construction needs.  No matter what stage of development your home construction is at, you can trust C & M Residential Builders for professionalism, cleanliness, fair prices and timely service.  According to their website, C&M Residential Builders “have been in business since 2005 as C & M Residential Builders, Inc. Prior to that we had another 7 years in the contracting business as an individual contractor specializing in home remodeling.”  As well as offering new home construction services, C & M Residential Builders also have an untarnished reputation as kitchen and bath re modelers in Ithaca, too, and much more.